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Your True Purpose for Money
True Purpose for Money

Betzel Wealth Advisors, LLC is a wealth coaching firm dedicated to creating confident investors and helping our clients discover and achieve their true purpose for money.

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Registered Investment Advisors

Unfortunately, many investors feel overwhelmed when it comes to making financial decisions and blindly trust their financial advisors or the financial media (magazines, newspapers and television) for information and guidance.

Often this biased information is designed to sell investment products rather than create peace of mind for the investor. What benefits mutual fund companies, insurance companies and banks doesn’t always benefit you and your family.

At Betzel Wealth Advisors, we are Registered Investment Advisors, which means we are legally bound to uphold a fiduciary standard of care when working with you. Simply put, unlike sales representatives and registered representatives who work for Broker Dealers and Insurance Companies, we have the duty of putting your financial interests first at all times.

Why is it that many investors make the same mistakes over and over again? Many investors continue to gamble and speculate with their future by utilizing Wall Street bully tactics like stock picking, market timing, and track record investing.

I believe that investors engage in all types of destructive behavior because they do not know any better. They have been convinced that some financial guru can provide them with an insight that will allow them to beat the market. However, we know that no money manager has been able to consistently and predictably beat the market.

At Betzel Wealth Advisors, we are committed to providing you with a sane and intelligent approach to investing.

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Investor Education
Betzel Wealth Advisors is pleased to offer a variety of useful documents to help you develop and understand your personal investment philosophy.

Click to download any of the pdf documents to the right. Then, contact Betzel Wealth Advisors for a free consultation.
  • The Efficient Frontier
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
  • Separating Myths from Truths
  • Choosing Your Investment Philosophy
  • Defeating Your Money Demons
  • Discovering Your True Purpose for Money
  • The Grand Enigmas of Investing
  • History of Investing
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