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The Dark Side of Diversification

Does Diversification mean that some part of my portfolio will not perform well? It sure does! Asset Class Diversification is one of the central components of both modern portfolio theory and a well-designed portfolio. Everyone agrees that a prudent investor should not “put all of his eggs in one basket.” Modern Portfolio Theory teaches us [...]

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Five Steps You Can Take Immediately to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Unfortunately, identity theft is a fact of modern life. However, everyday we take steps to protect those things that are important to us. Often, we do it without even thinking. Keeping tabs of your personal information is no different. Take time to do the following: 1. Read copies of your credit card statements every month. [...]

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Tips for Evaluating Fixed Indexed Annuities

Fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) have become very popular investments in the last several years for investors seeking steady retirement income. But be aware that they are complex, and can vary in quality and security. Before considering these investments, you should consult with your financial advisor. Below are some guidelines to help you better understand fixed [...]

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Reasons to Avoid Borrowing Against Your 401(k)

In the recent past, when people needed cash for emergencies, they typically tapped the equity in their homes via a home equity loan or home equity line of credit. Since the Great Recession, retirement accounts have replaced the home-equity loan as the predominant source of cash. They have become America’s new piggy bank. However, there [...]

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“Don’t Churn Accounts” – Advice to Financial Advisors from a Nobel Laureate

I recently saw an article on InvestmentNews.com that quoted Nobel Laureate and notable behaviorist, Daniel Kahnemann. Kahnemann is a psychologist whose work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making, as well as behavioral economics, challenges the assumption of human rationality in modern economic theory. He is widely considered one of the most influential economists in [...]

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Avoiding Tax Preparer Scams

Roughly 60% of tax filers use tax return preparers. If you are among them, the IRS recommends you choose carefully. Tax preparers are supposed to help you navigate the complex world of tax returns and tax laws, not steal your money. Yet, while most preparers provide honest, high-quality service, there are some who are dishonest [...]

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Investor Workshop: ‘Strategies to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits’

What you don't know could potentially cost you! Uncover how you can maximize your social security benefits and increase your retirement income. How Social Security benefits are calculated The best time to apply for benefits Married? Ways to coordinate benefits with your spouse Opportunities to increase your benefits Join us for our FREE upcoming investor [...]

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Investor Workshop: ‘Global Economic Armageddon: Should You Get Out of the Market?’

Does the market prefer a Congress controlled by the Republicans? The Democrats? Do investors do better if the Republicans or the Democrats control the White House? What Impact does debt and tax policy have on your investments? Are we heading for a GLOBAL ARMAGEDDON? Join us for our FREE upcoming investor educational event: Thurs. December [...]

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Does the Market Prefer Democrats or Republicans? OMG-Global Armageddon!

Join us on Thursday, December 4th at 7:00 PM Please Join us for an Evening of Fun and Education -Does the Market prefer Republicans or Democrats? -What Impact does debt and tax policy have on your investments? -Are we heading for a GLOBAL ARMAGEDDON?

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Video: A Broker or a Fiduciary – What’s the Difference and Does it Matter?

There is some confusion in the financial market place.  Are you speaking with a Broker or a Fiduciary?  What is the difference and does it even matter?  Watch this short 2.5 minute video and learn the difference:

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