December 2017

Bitcoin, Tulips, and Behavioral Finance

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I find investor psychology fascinating.  Often, I have witnessed situations where the investor is his/her worst enemy.  Many investors are unaware of the impact of investor psychology on the decision making process.  Unfortunately, many financial decisions are made out of either fear or greed--neither lends itself to prudent and evidenced-based investing decisions. This is nothing [...]

November 2017

How Many Stars Should We Give “Morning Star Rating System”?  Perhaps  ONE-HALF or ONE STAR!

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I am writing in response to questions I routinely receive form clients regarding the Morning Star Rating system of Funds.  I want to discuss Morningstar 5 Star Rating System.  Please consider the following: Equity Index Funds by nature will never receive a Five Star rating because the Star Rating System is looking at past performance and [...]

April 2017

No Excuses!

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We’ll uncover some of the little white lies found in the financial world. We’ll also talk about the excuses people make for their bad financial decisions.

Reality Check

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Sometimes, you need to hear the truth when it comes to understanding your retirement. On this edition of the show, you’re in for a reality check. We’ll also give you some essential tips for income planning.

March 2017