April 2017

Reality Check

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Sometimes, you need to hear the truth when it comes to understanding your retirement. On this edition of the show, you’re in for a reality check. We’ll also give you some essential tips for income planning.

March 2017

February 2017

Why Your Retirement Is Not A Game Show

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Game shows are a lot of fun to watch on television, but when you turn your retirement plan into one, it’s probably not a good thing. On this edition of the show, we’ll discuss the perils of planning for retirement like you’re a TV contestant. We’ll also go through some popular social security myths.

Decluttering Your Finances

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Have you ever had to clean out a cluttered closet? It’s a pain, but feels so good once it’s done. On this week’s show, we’ll use that as a comparison to see what it’s like to get decluttered from a financial perspective. And if that’s not enough, we’ll uncover some of the top money mistakes [...]