May 2018

Episode #56: How Do You React To Market Corrections?

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Anytime the market is moving in a downward direction, or even just wavering, we see people react in various ways. Take a listen to see if you identify with one of these common reactions to market corrections. Do you over-trade as a response? Do you stick your head in the sand or run around like [...]

Episode #55: Story Time – “I Didn’t Listen”

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We’ve probably all had one of those moments where we didn’t listen to the advice someone was trying to give us. Let’s hear about a time it happened in the financial world when someone didn’t listen to the advice of their financial advisor and later wished that they had. Click here for Dan’s Retirement Rescue [...]

Episode #54: Lessons Learned From Retired Clients

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Just as clients can learn a lot from Dan, Dan can learn some lessons from his clients. Hear about Dan’s experiences with retired clients and how they have shaped his financial perspective and strategies. Click here for Dan’s Retirement Rescue Toolkit.

April 2018

Episode #52: Overlooked Elements of Retirement Planning

By | 2018-06-19T22:52:23+00:00 April 26th, 2018|Podcast|

A few weeks back, we talked about what a holistic plan really looks like. One of the five core elements also happens to be one of the most overlooked and forgottten pieces of a retirement plan. For a myriad of reasons, individuals and even financial advisors often skip over the family legacy or estate planning [...]

Episode #51: The Guy Who Freaked Out On The Plane

By | 2018-06-19T22:48:56+00:00 April 19th, 2018|Podcast|

Dan was on an international flight recently (flew on the Dreamliner, in fact), and sat next to a passenger who was suffering from Aerophobia, the fear of flying. The fear and nervousness was so paralyzing it caused quite the disruption on the 14-hour journey. It got Dan thinking about how we react to stressful situations [...]

21 Lessons Learned from Early Retirement

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I just read what I consider a very insightful, inspiring, and humbling article.  Even though the article is addressed at those who wish to retire early, I believe the message of this article is useful for every investor no matter their age, income level, or net worth. CLICK HERE and take a few minutes to [...]

Episode #50: Why Everyone Needs A Roth IRA

By | 2018-06-19T22:47:35+00:00 April 12th, 2018|Podcast|

No matter where you fall on the age or income spectrum, it’s probably a good idea for you to at least consider a Roth IRA. In almost every case, you’ll reap some great rewards by utilizng that retirement savings vehicle. Dan will walk us through why it’s typically a good idea to have a Roth [...]

Episode #49: Holistic Financial Planning

By | 2018-06-19T22:46:17+00:00 April 5th, 2018|Podcast|

Some people think they have a comprehensive financial plan, but in reality their plan often lacks critical components. Some people will figure out the right way to structure an income plan, but they’ll overlook the role of taxes or healthcare. Sometime the investment plan is solid, but there’s no plan of action for how to [...]

What I Want My Clients to Know About the Current Market Volatility

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It is April 4th, 2018, and I am sitting in my office in Gahanna.  The cool air, grey clouds, and slow drizzling rain seem to reflect the current mood of the market.  The weather in Ohio--just like the stock market--will soon change.  We all know that. I wish that every investor would consider the following: [...]