Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 at 7:00 PM
2720 Airport Dr. Suite 100
Columbus, OH 43219

Have you ever found yourself wondering about any of the following?

1. What impact does Congress have on my portfolio? Does it matter who controls the House? The Senate?

2. What impact does our National Debt have on my 401-K and other investments?

3. What should I do about the crisis in Europe?

4. What should an investor focus on during periods of uncertainty?

5. What is the role of long term bonds in my portfolio? Should I be concerned about what people like Warren Buffet are saying?

Come Tuesday, June 18th at 7:00pm to discuss these and other questions.

We have an exciting evening planned. Please bring a friend or family member.

Please RSVP if you are able to attend so we can have sufficient materials and food.