The New Year brings with it our hope for good health, great friends, and financial peace of mind. Here are FIVE gifts you can give yourself and those you care about his coming year:

For the Kids and Grandkids

Open a College Savings Plan. If one already exists, make a deposit. There’s no greater gift than a college education. Their parents will thank you!

For Family or Friends Nearing Retirement

Register them for a Retirement/Social Security Seminar. Help them get answers to critical questions regarding their Social Security Benefits and Retirement Income so they can become better prepared. Our offices offer monthly workshops to clients and their guests!

For the Young Worker

Help those just starting out save for retirement with a Roth IRA. As long as they have earned income, you can contribute up to $5,500 each year.

For the Family

Everyone should have an emergency fund. Help the families you care for to become better prepared for life’s little emergencies by encouraging them to have a fully funded emergency fund!

For Everyone

The Truth Project: Attend a Mind Over Money Workshop!

Everyone can benefit from making better financial decisions. The first step towards making the right decisions is learning how to separate misinformation from reality. Help those who are important to you learn how to ignore the noise of the crowd. The exciting news is that you do not have to know everything about investing if you have the right frame of mind and know the RIGHT QUESTIONS to ask. The real power and insight is in the questions—not necessarily the answers.

Invite those you care about to a fun, interactive, MIND OVER MONEY workshop.