Today’s Objective…

A successful retirement addresses your emotional, financial, social, and spiritual needs. Do you have what it takes? Learn what generates success.

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First Things First.

Tactical Points:

A Successful Retirement Generates Income. 

  • [11:05] – People always want to know “Do I have enough money to retire?” Unfortunately, the answer really depends upon your lifestyle and financial situation. Before you can determine what it will take for you to retire, you have to think through what you’d like to accomplish in retirement. Develop well-defined goals, and examine what level of monthly income it would take to achieve them. Your income needs are dependent on whether you’ll be traveling, buying your dream home, eating out every night, cooking at home, taking daily trips to your local breakfast jaunt, etc…Be sure you’ll have what you’ll need to support your desired lifestyle.

A Successful Retirement Addresses Your Emotional, Social, And Spiritual Needs.

  • [15:17] – Your retirement needs are more complex than dollars and cents. After all, you have to think about what you’re going to do with your time after you stop working. Perhaps you want to volunteer, or maybe you have a second career idea in mind. It’s not enough to play tennis, sit on the porch, and sip tea. You really must consider how you’re going to live your retirement with purpose.

A Successful Retirement Considers Your Legacy.

  • [16:19]  – Consider whether leaving a legacy to your children and grandchildren is important to you. If so, what would you like to leave? Remember, it’s more than dollars and cents. Think through what lessons you’d like to teach your loved ones, what experiences you’d like to give them, and whether you might give them a home or college education. There are many ways to leave a legacy, and it’s okay if you’re more concerned with taking care of your own needs. However, it’s important to carefully examine your options and make purposeful decisions about leaving a legacy.

More Planning Points: 

  • [13:12] – A Successful Retirement Incorporates Tax Planning.
  • [14:58] – A Successful Retirement Is Flexible.

The Plan:

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