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One of the most popular retirement plans that people utilize is the 401(k). It’s often the easiest place to start when you begin saving for your future and a many times a employer will offer the option as part of a compensation package. The 401(k) definitely serves its purpose but there are some weaknesses that might make you look to other investment opportunities.

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Tactical Points:

When we first get started in retirement planning, the most common starting point seems to be a 401(k). It’s one of the easiest plans to use which has made it a popular and well-known plan. It doesn’t hurt that many companies over 401(k) options and sometimes match contributions.

With its popularity comes a common belief that the 401(k) is your best option for saving money for your future. But that’s not always the case. In this episode of Plan With Dan, we go against the grain to share some of the weakness associated with the 401(k). There are four key areas we will focus on: administrative costs, mutual funds dominate, limited asset classes, and subpar conservative investments.

A mailbag question got us on the topic but it’s a common concern and goes against a traditional way of managing retirement investments so it’s worth the time. We’ll take the time to explain each of these in detail and provide you some other directions to consider that might provide you with a better returns and more flexibility.

Hopefully you’ll have a little deeper understanding of your 401(k) plan and whether or not you should start moving money into other areas.

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1:19 – Quote of the Month from Zig Ziglar

4:28 – Get to Know Dan: Any discipline you’re proficient in outside of finance?

7:50 – Mailbag: I thought I’d be in a lower tax bracket after retirement but that’s not the case. What went wrong?

12:11 – Weaknesses in many of the popular investments offered.

12:30 – How administrative fees became common and why you should pay attention to them.

15:06 – Limited assets classes can shrink your options.  


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