Conventional Wisdom Isn’t Always So Wise

Wouldn’t it be great if retirement came with a simple manual we could all follow step-by-step? It would sure make things easier. Unfortunately, there’s no such universal manual and to make matters worse, most of the conventional wisdom about the financial world also tends to lead people astray when they follow the advice blindly.

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The 6 Things Wasting Away In Your Financial Junk Drawer

You probably have a junk drawer at home. It's filled with knick knacks like rubber bands, clothespins, and ink pens, and highlighters. While you might not realize it, you probably have a financial junk drawer as well. Discover six things you could be giving a better purpose.

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Episode #71: Defining Risk Tolerance

Today's Objective... Risk tolerance is a buzzword that gets used in many financial conversations, but what is it, and how does it affect your retirement plan? Dan explains. (Click the featured times below to jump forward in the episode) First Things First. 1:48 - In The News: Is A Crash Looming? 4:12  - GTK: We [...]

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