Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust (QTIP)

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If you are part of a family in which there have been divorces, remarriages, and stepchildren, you may want to direct your assets to particular relatives through a qualified terminable interest property (QTIP) trust. Your surviving spouse will receive income from the trust, and the beneficiaries you specify (i.e., your children from a first marriage) [...]

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Guide to Different Types of Trusts

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Trusts can be a useful tool for managing your estate, both while you are living and after your death. There are many different types of trusts that apply to specific situations. Before establishing any type of trust, you should consult with your financial advisor to determine what is most appropriate to meet your financial goals. [...]

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Avoiding Tax Preparer Scams

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Roughly 60% of tax filers use tax return preparers. If you are among them, the IRS recommends you choose carefully. Tax preparers are supposed to help you navigate the complex world of tax returns and tax laws, not steal your money. Yet, while most preparers provide honest, high-quality service, there are some who are dishonest [...]

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Tax Tips to Consider this Fall

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Tax-filing season is still months away. However, the time to start planning is now. Until the end of the year, you have the opportunity to take steps to help cut your tax bill. Below are some of the steps you can take this Fall to ease your tax burden in the Spring. It is a [...]

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