21 Lessons Learned from Early Retirement

I just read what I consider a very insightful, inspiring, and humbling article.  Even though the article is addressed at those who wish to retire early, I believe the message of this article is useful for every investor no matter their age, income level, or net worth. CLICK HERE and take a few minutes to [...]

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What I Want My Clients to Know About the Current Market Volatility

It is April 4th, 2018, and I am sitting in my office in Gahanna.  The cool air, grey clouds, and slow drizzling rain seem to reflect the current mood of the market.  The weather in Ohio--just like the stock market--will soon change.  We all know that. I wish that every investor would consider the following: [...]

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What I wish my clients knew about a Financial Power of Attorney

A Financial Power of Attorney is a very powerful and useful tool.  However, there are several misconceptions about financial powers of attorney and what they can and can not accomplish.  Here are a few that I wish everyone better understood.  Can I use a Financial Power of Attorney to help my elderly family members now [...]

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Oh My–What is Going On? The Return of Market Volatility

The markets are once again doing what markets do.  Volatility is back in the headline news.  Let's take a moment and look back at what's happened in 2018.  The DOW opened at 24,809 on January 2nd and climbed to 26,616 by January 26th, an astonishing 7.5% gain in a mere 19 trading days. Monday was [...]

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DO MY RETURNS REALLY SUCK? -or- Why Your Returns May Not be What You Want?

We all know that markets ebb and flow; markets experience upward and downward volatility.  However, I have noticed that there are two times in an investment cycle when investors focus somewhat obsessively on returns:  (1) When the market is really down--think 2008; and (2) when the market is really soaring--like the last year or so. [...]

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Bitcoin, Tulips, and Behavioral Finance

I find investor psychology fascinating.  Often, I have witnessed situations where the investor is his/her worst enemy.  Many investors are unaware of the impact of investor psychology on the decision making process.  Unfortunately, many financial decisions are made out of either fear or greed--neither lends itself to prudent and evidenced-based investing decisions. This is nothing [...]

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Reality Check

Sometimes, you need to hear the truth when it comes to understanding your retirement. On this edition of the show, you’re in for a reality check. We’ll also give you some essential tips for income planning.

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