The Jetsons & Stock Market Predicting

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Predicting the Future May Be Dangerous to Your Financial Health The Best way to Predict the Future is to Invent it Yourself! The Jetsons Do you remember watching the cartoon classic “The JETSONS”? Who could forget that catchy theme song?  “Meet George Jetson . . . His boy Elroy . . . daughter Judy . [...]

Can you relax this summer?

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Can you Relax this Summer? An Investment in Knowledge, always pays the best Interest—Benjamin Franklin Most would agree that education provides us with greater insight, understanding, and choices. However, you may not have realized that just a little bit of financial education can help you relax the rest of the summer and beyond.  The good [...]

21 Lessons Learned from Early Retirement

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I just read what I consider a very insightful, inspiring, and humbling article.  Even though the article is addressed at those who wish to retire early, I believe the message of this article is useful for every investor no matter their age, income level, or net worth. CLICK HERE and take a few minutes to [...]

What I Want My Clients to Know About the Current Market Volatility

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It is April 4th, 2018, and I am sitting in my office in Gahanna.  The cool air, grey clouds, and slow drizzling rain seem to reflect the current mood of the market.  The weather in Ohio--just like the stock market--will soon change.  We all know that. I wish that every investor would consider the following: [...]

What I wish my clients knew about a Financial Power of Attorney

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A Financial Power of Attorney is a very powerful and useful tool.  However, there are several misconceptions about financial powers of attorney and what they can and can not accomplish.  Here are a few that I wish everyone better understood.  Can I use a Financial Power of Attorney to help my elderly family members now [...]

Oh My–What is Going On? The Return of Market Volatility

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The markets are once again doing what markets do.  Volatility is back in the headline news.  Let's take a moment and look back at what's happened in 2018.  The DOW opened at 24,809 on January 2nd and climbed to 26,616 by January 26th, an astonishing 7.5% gain in a mere 19 trading days. Monday was [...]

DO MY RETURNS REALLY SUCK? -or- Why Your Returns May Not be What You Want?

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We all know that markets ebb and flow; markets experience upward and downward volatility.  However, I have noticed that there are two times in an investment cycle when investors focus somewhat obsessively on returns:  (1) When the market is really down--think 2008; and (2) when the market is really soaring--like the last year or so. [...]

Bitcoin, Tulips, and Behavioral Finance

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I find investor psychology fascinating.  Often, I have witnessed situations where the investor is his/her worst enemy.  Many investors are unaware of the impact of investor psychology on the decision making process.  Unfortunately, many financial decisions are made out of either fear or greed--neither lends itself to prudent and evidenced-based investing decisions. This is nothing [...]

No Excuses!

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We’ll uncover some of the little white lies found in the financial world. We’ll also talk about the excuses people make for their bad financial decisions.

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